Publication: Agroforestry Publication

This publication provides a general overview about agroforestry within India, how to benefit societies and its systems. It also provides a summary of the different tree species that are most suitable for agroforestry systems and capabilities.

Dr. Daniel, English

Publication: Shaping Your Land Publication

A useful publication and guide for community development workers that demonstrates how to implement effective wastelands by using land contouring techniques terraces, trenches and other vegetative techniques.

Mr. Sohani, English, Marathi, Hindi

Publication: Planting and Aftercare of Fruit Trees Publication

This publication provides an overview on how to transform barren and used up agricultural land into a productive orchard.

Mr. Sohani, English, Marathi, Hindi

Publication: Low-Cost Technology for Afforestation on Wastelands Publication

This publication provides information on conserving water and soil, how to plan, how to select tree species, have to implement proper maintenance, how to use marketing and how to get people to participate.

Dr. Hegde, English and Hindi

Publication: How To Beat The Heart Disease Epidemic Among South Asians Publication

E. Enas and S. Kannan

Coronary Artery Disease Statistics

Health/Fitness/Nutrition Resources